Digital Design Principles and Practices

by John F. Wakerly

The Fifth Edition with Verilog, ISBN-10 013446009X (ISBN-13 9780134460093), will be published in the summer of 2017 by Pearson Education.

Students: Pearson will publish the source files for all of the Verilog modules in the book on their website at TBD. You are welcome to download these files as needed to test or modify them.  However, this material is subject to copyright, so please do not republish or post it anywhere. 

Instructors: You can sign up for instructor materials by contacting your Pearson / representative or by going to the Engineering Resources page at Pearson:  Resources include Powerpoint slides containing all of the Figures, Tables, and Programs in the book, and a comprehensive set of solutions for Drills and Exercises, including Verilog source files for all of the programming problems.

The fifth-edition errata can be found here.

For the fourth edition of this book, please see the old page.

For the third and second editions of this book, please see the even older page.

Last updated May 5, 2017